why v-loom?

top left: double weave, middle: v-loom with baby-duvet, top right: inwoven material, bottom left: spacer fabric test, bottom right: fabric of hand woven and knotted tussah

The V-Loom is a new invention. It works partly like a regular loom, but additionally one can weave material never woven before. When you want to weave long, loose, adhesive, flappy or wobbly material which can not be brought on a rapier or shuttle, like a prefilled tube, a wire, or soil, seeds, ointment - use the V-Loom.

And loose wool of course. If you want a fabric from greasy wool, just put the clumps piece by piece in a row next to each other. If you want to make an inlet from rovings, you do not have to tear them apart - it can still be one long strand or ball of roving.

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