weave the future

Create new solutions

Technical Textiles are (customized) fibre layers where simple solutions do not work - as there are automotive, spacecraft or other branches of transportation in the need of outmost flexibility and functionality.
Until now, this is quite expensive. V-Loom can shorten the processes by including elements instead of attaching in the aftermath.

Steel wool and wire. Because of the V-Shed one can produce tech textiles with material unthought of before.

Used be also other fluffy material in combination with other extraordinary warp and weft.

double weave filled from above -
mats with brittle or sticky fiber,
cured or hardened while weaving,
as for cushions, protection, seed containers,
landscape protection, flexible structures

spacer fabric with closed sides -
filled with liquids, foam, particles,
homogen or with layers of additives,
as for more stiff structures, containing
pipes, sensor systems, electric parts

double weave with closed sides -
fabric containing elements as wide as
the loom is, and as long as the distance
between fell and cloth beam, as for
cabins, boxes, emergency services

Use fibres in a new way

Until today, every yarn or filament to weave with, is designed to fit in a narrow tube, called shed, brought in at high speed, being blown or shot.
The V-Loom technology provides an open shed, like a pocket, into which you can fill, drop, pour, set everything what comes to your mind.