weave the future
top: roof greening on a cat house, middle: flowers without and with mat, bottom: lavender and nasturtium, left: on soil, right: on wool and soil

Climate changes. Doing so, it influences important parameters, which also changes our weather. More often, storms, rain, or draughts happen. Seasons shift.

Every heat wave brings a high evaporation. Every wind driven rain depletes the soil. Wind takes away good soil.

The woolen mats, we're about to develop with V-Loom, can offer solutions to some of those problems.

- wool stores a certain amount of water in it, up to a weight of 350%. This applies both to loose or processed wool. But loose wool easily is blown away by wind, or taken away from nesting birds. Our V-Loom mats keep the water at the place you fix the mat.

- in a heat wave the mat insulates the soil. Sprout inhibition is an important activity when in spring the temperatures rise too early.

- for weed control: the seeds, transported by the wind, dry out on the surface of the wool, before they can fall onto the soil directly.

- Foil used in agriculture usually, lasts not very long, because of UV-rays. 15 months is a very good duration. Afterwards, it has to be brought to a landfill site.

Here you see the first V-Loom in action. Here a vertical greening element is woven. Grease wool is laid at the bottom, and in the following rows we added more grease wool, paper seed pockets, soil, shoots - and every row a tube with tiny holes for the watering. At last we put that facade greening on a movable shelf, so we can use it like a movable palisade.

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