weave the future
roof or facade greening, duvets, jackets, inlets, horse bandages, mats for indoors or outdoor construction - we can interlock and weave nearly everything

Have a seat. Some tea?

This is the information page of casmue. We created it to grow our business, which is developing a network of V-Loom addicts.

This is not a shop.
Actually we do sell some of our precious test objects, you can find at a shop soon to be opened. We will inform you here.

But we like to talk or write about wool, weaving, and new ideas for this new invention.

Wool and the V-Loom: an amazing combination

All of the natural conditions of wool are perfectly supported by the V-Loom, as it works with loose wool or rovings. Of course, we can do other material as well, but firstly we love wool.

Why we do mention people

These days to work in the textile industry, leaves people exhausted, shepherds ruined by global market prices, and the owners of wool mills quite desillusionated. Marketing concepts led the main customers to china produced and processed wool, thus meaning "baby merino supersoft wool" soaked with chemicals - not even to speak about animal rights.
Sybille herself cares for some sheep, and she thought about how wool business can become a earning business again.

On the picture you can see ├śrchen, a wether growing strong wool, perfect for cushion inlets. He works at the Kindergarten, protecting the ewes and lambs, educating the rams-to-be (in bad times the dog food-to-be).